Monday, August 11, 2014

Everybody in the Waffle House Gettin' Tipsy!!

No? Okay, maybe you had to be there... But one night during my younger (wilder) days, when a group of us were at the Waffle House, a not-so-sober man was trying to play the jukebox and singing/yelling "Everybody in the Waffle House gettin' tipsy" instead of the popular song at that time, "Everybody in the club gettin' tipsy." Now every time I even see a Waffle House, that night and that song pops into my head. Oh, the memories! :) Since this post mentions the Waffle House, I felt the title was only necessary, ha! :)

First, can I just complain once more about having to work 'til 11 at night? It. Is. Horrible. I'm over it, I really am. Not only do I not get to see my kids in the evenings and I miss out on dinner time, baths, bedtime, etc, but I am tired and grouchy the next day because kids don't care how late momma worked the night before, they're still up at the crack of dawn every day!

I had to work 'til 11 again Friday night and really thought about trying to sleep in a little on Saturday morning, but Hunter has had a growth spurt and suddenly outgrown just about all of his clothes. Seriously, even some size 8 pants that I literally just bought him a few weeks ago (and they fit fine then!) are now too short, as are the sleeves on his long-sleeved shirts. My friend had told me about the Made 4 Kids consignment sale that was going on this weekend that opened at 7:30 AM Saturday and because it was the last day of the sale, just about everything was 1/2 off. I decided to fight the urge to be lazy and set my alarm to get my butt up and go get my boy some clothes the next morning. When I got home Friday night and saw that my mom had kept the girls for the night so only Hunter was home, I have to admit, I let out a sigh of relief that I'd only have him shopping with me Saturday morning and not the girls as well... no fighting, no bickering, no "Mom, come look at this! No, mom, come look at this over here!" Ahhh, a morning with just my boy... I dig it!!

I was really impressed by the quality of the clothes at the sale. Just about everything was name brand and everything was in perfect condition. We found lots of things for Hunter and a few things for the girls as well. We ended up getting 5 pairs of jeans, 3 shirts, 2 jacket/sweatshirts, and 2 new pairs of tights for only $28! Not bad! Hunter and I decided we were going to go to breakfast at the Waffle House, but I called mom first to check on the girls and tell them good morning. Mom had the phone on speaker phone and Marissa heard me say "Waffle House" and after mom and I hung up the phone, she started crying because she wanted to go with us, so mom called me back, and I went to pick up the girls. Hunter said his morning was now ruined. Poor guy, he was looking forward to some mother and son time! :(

While we were eating breakfast, Marissa had only eaten a few bites of her waffle and like two bites of her sausage and said she was full. I told her she needed to eat at least five more bites to be done, but she started crying and said she felt like she'd throw up if she ate anymore. O. M. G. I called mom after we left the Waffle House and told her that next time, I don't care how much Marissa cries, she can just stay where she is and Hunter and I will go eat alone. Mom said maybe I should make her a doctor appointment because she keeps saying that a lot lately when eating. Uh, no. Because like two seconds later, and she's wanting ice cream, or gummies, or pudding, or yogurt, or any other snack... Am I the only parent going through this right now?! Hunter has always been such a good eater, that I haven't dealt with this yet, but let me tell you, it nearly pushes me over the edge! One, she needs to eat her food for health reasons. But Two, I'm tired of wasting money when we're eating out somewhere and she promises she's going to eat what she orders and then doesn't. Ugh, end rant.

After breakfast, we came home, cleaned the house a little, then ran a few errands. Marissa ended up wanting to stay the night at my friend's house with her daughters, so I let her. I had to work 2:30 - 11 again anyway, boo. She had a great time with her friends and said they jumped on their trampoline a lot and practiced cheers... divas! ha! :)

After working 'til 11 last night, I had to be back at work at 6 am this morning. Let's just say I was a zombie. Lot of Starbucks and sweet tea got me through the day! When I got off work at 2:30, I picked Marissa up from Megan's and we went to pick up Aleah and Hunter from my mom's. Hunter was playing Minecraft and Aleah and mom were taking a nap and Hunter said they told him to tell us not to wake them up when we got there, so Marissa and I came on home and took a nap ourselves. Marissa did NOT want to take a nap and cried, "I don't want to take a nap, Mom! I'm not tired, Mom!" But as soon as her little head hit that pillow beside mine, she was OUT!

We ended up sleeping for like three hours and when we woke up, Daddy had returned home from work and ordered pizza and wings for dinner... Yum!! Now it's almost 11 pm, I'm wide awake, I've cleaned the house, kids are in bed, and the house is quiet... and I'm up blogging! Perfect bliss! :) Even though I had to work this weekend, I'd say overall it was a pretty great weekend! How was yours?

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  1. hahahaa, i have so many of these problems. isabelle skipped right though size 8 pants in like 2 weeks - of corse, that was right after i bought her about 4 pairs! she also goes through spurts of not wanting to eat more than 2 bites of dinner because she is "so full" .. but then wants ice cream 5 minutes later. yeah right! I have a hard time buying her meals at restaurants too. that`s why i stick to the 2 or 3 i -know- she will eat when we take her out. so i know how you feel!