Friday, August 15, 2014

Heroes in a Half Shell!

I hadn't been able to put my contact in my right eye for like three days so I finally gave in and called the eye doctor yesterday morning. They were able to fit me in yesterday and it turns out I have a corneal ulcer on my eye (Owww!!). I have to put drops in my eye four times a day and can't wear contacts until it's cleared up. He said it should be good by Monday and I go back Wednesday for a follow-up and exam (because I was just a little overdue, ha).

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After my eye doctor appointment, I took the kids to see the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie. Marissa didn't want to go, so just Hunter, Aleah, and I went. I LOVED the TMNT when I was a kid (again with the tomboy-ness) so I was pretty excited to go see it! The previews didn't really impress me much with the turtles' new appearance though. However, once the movie started, I was totally into it and loved everything about it!!

I may or may not have cried a few times during the movie... don't judge me!!

The song they played with the closing credits, Shell Shocked, was AWESOME! Aleah had her own little dance party in the theater, ha! It was the cutest thing! I downloaded the song on iTunes as soon as we left!

Aleah continued to sing the song allll dayyyy longgg

One of the producers of the song commented on my video on Instagram! How awesome!?

If you haven't seen the new TMNT movie yet, I definitely recommend rushing to the theater to see it before it's gone and you're stuck waiting for the DVD! We saw it in 2D, but I'm really contemplating taking Hunter back to see it in 3D!! :)

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