Monday, August 4, 2014

Luray Caverns & Zoo

My mom and I took the kids to Luray, VA for the day. It was a pretty drive through the mountains and in the country to get to Luray. The kids were REALLY excited to visit the caverns! They couldn't wait to see the "fried egg." Can you tell which picture is the egg? lol

After the caverns, we visited the Luray Zoo, which is a rescue zoo. I like that they rescued all of their animals! The tiger was my absolute favorite. We kept making eye contact, I think she liked me... mom said she wanted to eat me, ha! :)

It was nice to get out of our town for the day and explore the little town of Luray! :)


  1. The caverns are gorgeous! And I have never heard of a rescue zoo, but I love that it exists!

  2. Gorgeous photos! Though I have no idea which one would be the egg :)