Thursday, August 28, 2014

Marissa's Luau and Sun Bum Review

My diva turned 7 last month and we had a luau themed party to celebrate! It was SO much fun to put together and we all had a great time!!

The birthday diva!

We used Sun Bum sunscreen to protect all the kiddos from the sun... it was SO hot! This product worked AWESOME and nobody got sunburn... score!!!

How cute is M's cake?!

There are drinks buried under all that ice in the baby pool, ha!

Bears on the beach cupcakes and jello cups! (Thanks, Casey!!)

The food table... because that's the important part, right!?

M on her new bike!

Her face when she saw them bringing her new balance beam out of the shed!

Some of the kids swimming!

Marissa and her BFF

Some of the girls in the bouncy house!

We all had a great time and will be using Sun Bum religiously now!! :)

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