Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Mini Style Wednesday 8/13

Our Holly Days

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Seriously, my new goal is to start rotating kids for my Mini Style Wednesday posts... I feel like it's Marissa almost every week! She is the only child who likes to dress up and match, ha! Aleah changes into sweatpants or pajamas the second we walk in the door and Hunter would pair shirts and shorts that were two different plaid prints if I let him! (Really, he's tried it before, ha!)

Not to mention our life has been consumed by football camp these past two weeks so we've been running like crazy and living in clothes that are comfy to hang out on the football field in. When I say consumed, I mean legit consumed. I went grocery shopping like two weeks ago and we have yet to cook any of the meals I bought to make for dinner. By the time I get off work at 6:30 (or later if I have to work the late shift), then football practice runs until 8 pm or later, we're not eating dinner until 9:00... and that's been fast food almost all week. :( The struggle is real, y'all. I think the crock pot is going to become my best friend during football season so I need to devote some time to Pinterest-ing some recipes! :)

I asked Marissa to go throw on something cute for me though and of course she didn't mind modeling for a second, ha!

Dress: Kohl's
Diva attitude: I. Have. No. Idea.

Think I'm kidding about Aleah in the PJ's?

That was yesterday as soon as we got home from football... she immediately changed into her PJ's. Christmas PJ's, at that. ha!

What are your little ones wearing this week? Link up with us below...


  1. Sarahphrasing LifeAugust 14, 2014 at 3:20 PM

    Aleah sounds like a kid after my own heart - I change into pjs or something comfy as soon as I walk in the door too!

  2. What a fun idea! Your girls are really cute. I may have to join you next week just to show off my munchkin.