Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Oblo Puzzle Spheres {Review}

OBLO is the award-winning 3D spherical puzzle that challenges and inspires kids of all ages. OBLO is also an engaging, didactic puzzle ideal for growing minds. It's a colorful layer of spheres that creates a compelling 3D puzzle.

The initial discovery of its parts happens when the puzzle is taken apart. The challenge is putting the spherical elements back together.

We got to review an Oblo sphere and my kids were instantly amazed!!

Hunter had this thing taken apart and put back together SUPER fast!! It took Marissa a little longer to get it together (and was a little more entertaining to watch her get frustrated with it, but then watch the happiness as she figured it out, lol).

The kids had a good time laughing at me too because I couldn't figure the darn thing out to save my life!! LOL!! Maybe my kids are smarter than me, ha!

We really enjoyed the Oblo sphere and will be taking it to the beach with us when we go on vacation because we want to see if our other family members can do it! :)

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