Tuesday, September 9, 2014

All of My Babies are in School!!

I now have a third grader, a second grader, and a preschooler! How did this happen?!

Aleah got to meet her teacher and see her classroom at Open House. She didn't want to leave, lol! They also took her on a ride on a school bus around the block so she could see what it'd be like!

I can't believe my youngest is in school now! I took their first day of school off from work and just sat home and cried for the first few hours! I did NOT like my house being so empty and quiet!! :(

Aleah has really been LOVING school though, so it makes it easier on this momma to know she's enjoying it! :) Marissa, of course, loves school! Hunter is having a good year so far too - hopefully it'll stay that way! :) I'm pretty optimistic about this school year! :)

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