Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Blogger Men Tell All!

Becoming Adorrable

How fun!! I found this link-up and couldn't be more excited to participate! :)

My sexy hubby at the beach earlier this month

•If you had a blog what would you call it and what would it be about?
- "Ivan - the life of Ivan." (He's so creative, huh?!)

•If you could live inside any videogame, which would it be?
- "I don't play video games, I don't have time." (He's so disconnected from the world, ha. Really though, he doesn't do Facebook, Twitter, anythinggg.)

•Who is your best player on your fantasy football team this season?
- He doesn't do fantasy football either, but he said if he had to choose someone, Darren McFadden. (The Raiders are his fav team)

•If you could play for any professional sports team, which would it be?
- "The Yankees, they get paid the most." (I really thought he'd say the Raiders!)

•What do you typically do with an hour of free time?
- "Nap." (Or... 5 minutes of free time! LOL!)

This was fun@! I can't wait to link up every month now! :)


  1. He's the first guy I've read to pick a team based on money, smart thinking!!!

  2. Love the simplicity of his blog title! Tells you exactly what it's about haha!

  3. Yesssss, napping! Napping is the best!

  4. HAHA SO creative!!! If only they understood all the creativity that blogging requires :) thanks for linking up!!!

  5. these are too funny! The Yankees was a very smart answer, ha!

  6. Sounds like a busy guy! Thanks for joining in!