Monday, September 15, 2014

Our Weekend Recap!

Hunter had a football game Saturday morning, so our whole family was at the football field most of the day Saturday. His team won with a score of 32-0! Blow out!!

Hunter was so happy with his team's win! The team they played was Buffalo Gap, so he said we had to go to Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch after the game to celebrate, ha! So we did! :) Ivan's cousin's daughter cheers for the Juniors squad, so she hung out with us after her game and went to lunch with us too! :)

After lunch at Bdubs, Aleah went to my mom's to hang out, Hunter went and played in a Madden tournament at Common Ground, and Marissa and I went home and watched Heaven is For Real. I'd already seen it, but she hadn't and wanted to... she really enjoyed it! :) It's so good! After we watched that, Ivan and I watched the Other Woman. I just love Cameron Diaz! It was a pretty funny comedy too!! :)

After church on Sunday, we went to Target to get the girls Frozen t-shirts to wear to Frozen On Ice (they still don't know we're going, I told them I just wanted them to have matching shirts, ha!), then we went to the new Spirit Halloween store that just opened in our town recently. We had so much fun trying on masks and such.

Hunter ended up changing his costume from his current werewolf costume to Jax Teller from Sons of Anarchy. Uh, yeah! Of course you can dress up as Jax! ha!

After we did a little more shopping, we went home, watched some football, and then watched the Miss America pageant. I wanted Miss Virginia to win SO bad!! I can't believe she didn't! She came so close though! First runner up is still amazing!! :) I just can't believe Miss New York won with a talent of playing a song on a cup... that wasn't even very good! ha! Oh well, maybe I'm just bitter. ha!

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