Saturday, April 25, 2015

It's Been a Long Time, I Shouldn't Have Left You...

without a dope beat to step to...

Buttt I'm baaaaack, homies!!! :)

Sorry I've been gone so long, things have been kinda crazy in our neck of the woods! I know these are all just excuses, but my hubby fell out of a tree stand while hunting in November and broke both of his wrists. It was TERRIBLE and quite a scary phone call to get! Breaking both wrists was nothing compared to how bad it could have been though, the hospital was worried he could've broke his neck or back, but thankfully, they were both just sore, nothing serious.

He had to keep the ace bandages on both arms up past his elbows for about a week until the swelling went down and they could cast his wrists.

He had to wear the casts through January. It really sucked. I had to do everything for him, including wiping his butt! Ahhh!! He better never question my love for him! lol! It was rough on us all around though, I usually work 10-6:30 and he usually fixes dinner for the kids every night. Our crockpot became our best friend. We are also so blessed to have great family and friends who helped us out a LOT!

I've also been battling anxiety and was recently diagnosed with IBS. (Irritable bowel syndrome, talk about embarrassing, ha!) Things seem to be looking up though. My doctor has me following a Low Fodmap diet and it seems to be helping my stomach problems tremendously. Before following this diet, I was literally in pain almost all day, no matter what I ate or drank, it seemed like. I feel so much better and no longer am having to sit with a heating pad on my stomach all day or rushing to the bathroom constantly. (TMI? My b.)

I know it seems like I can't eat hardly anything and at first I felt like I was starving all the time, but I think my body has adjusted now and got over the caffeine withdrawals. (I seriously thought I was going to die without Starbucks at first!) Check out these results also...!

I was embarrassed to share my weight with all of my friends/family on IG and FB, but whatever, I'm so over the moon about the results that I don't even care. Sometimes life happens and I guess you don't realize how unhealthy you've become.

How has everyone else been lately? Any important posts/updates I've missed?

(My crazy family on Easter)

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  1. oh wow. that IS love!! glad to hear you both are feeling better (: