Thursday, July 27, 2017

The Rooms that Never Stay Clean

These rooms will be the death of me, I put money on it... I clean them, organize them, get them looking SO cute, then... kids happen. *facepalm*

My girls' room

Hunter's room and freaking awesome Star Wars bathroom! How lucky is he to get his own bathroom?!

You'd think having these awesome new rooms and your mom cleaning and organizing them a few times, putting everything in it's place, etc, would give you the motivation to keep them clean, right? WRONG! Hunter is pretty good about keeping his clean, but these girls of mine... smh, I can't win with them. No matter how many times a day I get after them to pick up after themselves, Marissa still pulls out a million outfits to try on before she gets dressed for the day and leaves clothes laying everywhere and dresser drawers all open... and Aleah still gets out all of her toys, leaves everything out, and leaves wet towels on the floor! Ahhh I'm going to go crazy one day!! Every time I get on them to clean their rooms, Marissa ends up crying, and usually just lays down on her bed and cries herself to sleep, and Aleah throws everything under the bed, shoves it between the dressers and walls, etc.

I'd had about enough a few months ago and bagged EVERYTHING up that was on the floor or not in it's place and planned on making them earn the bags back, one at a time. I was NOT playing any games!

However, Aleah ended up not being able to find her soccer jersey for her soccer game the next day and we had to go through all of the bags to find it. #MomFail

What are your tricks to get the kids to keep their rooms clean?

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