Sunday, August 6, 2017

Explore More Discovery Museum

We visited the Explore More Discovery Museum in Harrisonburg, VA last week and we all had an amazing time! 
When you first walk in, there is a giant wheel that you can spin to find out what adventure you are going to go on first!
The kids became scientists in the Science Lab.

They painted and used their imaginations in the Art Smart Studio (which btw, I would LOVE to have in my house! This room has SO many arts & craft supplies!)

They got to be News Anchors and Weather Reporters in the TV Station. I think this may be their favorite section :)

The Construction Zone had lots of hands-on block building activities and such, as well as a giant Light Bright! So neat!
In the Health Center, you can be a dentist, surgeon, football player, or ambulance driver!

The Auto Service Center is another favorite of the kids', you can change the oil on the car, replace tires, etc! Really neat!!
Down on the Farm, you can harvest crops, milk a cow, drive a tractor, shop at the market, put on a puppet show, and ride a slide down from the top of the barn!

CK's Kitchen is the most adorable little kitchen I've ever seen! Everything is so life-like, but kid-size! Why don't my kids help around the house like this at home?! Hmm.... lol

The kids put on a performance of "Witches" in the Virginia Theater, complete with their own stage makeup, lighting, sound effects, and costumes!

They had expanded since the last time we were there, with the addition of the Imagination Playground upstairs! There's all sorts of games and fun to be had!

If you've never been, our family definitely recommends this awesome children's museum! On the first Friday of every month, admission is FREE from 4-7 pm. How awesome is that?!

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