Monday, September 25, 2017

Willow's 8th Birthday, with Help from AL Memorable Creations!

I did not receive compensation for the following post. The products pictured were provided by AL Memorable Creations. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 
While we were at the beach, I also threw a birthday party for my favorite niece, with the help of AL Memorable Creations! She wanted a mermaid theme, so I kinda went with an "Under the Sea" theme so that my decorations weren't quite so limited.

My mother-in-law made these dolphin fruit cups for the kids for breakfast on Willow's birthday. I'm sure glad she made them because mine would not have turned out as good!
We took it easy and the kids had a pool party outside!
I lucked out and the Food Lion in Nags Head had these beach themed cupcakes already made!
My brother-in-law made "fish in the sea" (aka Swedish fish in jello) for me!
Marissa found the idea on Pinterest to make an octopus out of balloons and streamers... mine kinda looked like an alien...
These I made are kinda self-explanatory...

Goody bags for the kids!
This was supposed to be printed a lot larger, but with trying to get everything packed for our family before we left for the beach, I kinda forgot... oops. It still turned out okay printed this size though!
How cool is this time capsule?! I would never have even thought about this on my own!

Birthday girl blowing out her candle!
Marissa and Willow twinning!
Make sure you check out AL Memorable Creations for all of your party needs and follow them on Instagram too!

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