My Loves

This man? He completes me.

Ivan Nathan - My other half. I'd say "better half," but let's not get carried away here, ha! Ivan and I started hanging out the summer of 2004 and soon after, started dating in September of that year. Things moved pretty quickly and we had our first child, Hunter, in March of 2006. Two weeks after Hunter was born, we decided to get hitched - at the Apple Shed - a roadside fruit stand. Romantic, huh? He's a good ol' country boy who loves being outdoors - hunting, fishing, golfing, grilling, pretty much anything outside and he's all in! I couldn't be more opposite when it comes to that - the only thing I enjoy outside is being at the beach! We balance each other out though and could never see ourselves with anyone else.

These kids? They're MY WORLD...

We're a pretty crazy family, but we have fun! :)

Hunter Nathan 3.25.06 - My first born. My sensitive soul. He is the sweetest boy I've ever met and I can only hope he keeps that sweet demeanor as he becomes a preteen. He loves rap music and has Mobb Deep on his Spotify playlist. #MomWin He likes playing Watchdog and Far Cry on his Xbox and he wrestles, plays football, and street basketball.

Marissa Dawn 7.25.07 - My mini-me. My free spirit. She loves rockin' big sunglasses and flip-flops and posing for pictures. :) She is me up and down, especially my attitude. I can already tell that we're going to go through hell with her growing up, just like my mom and I did, because we are TOO much alike. lol. She loves any and all music, her phone, Snapchat and Instagram, and any other popular fads. She does competition and sideline cheerleading.

Aleah Hope 1.12.10 - The wild child. The baby. My sweet little Aleah! :) She's definitely wilder than the others ever were... she doesn't listen and she's spoiled rotten, but that's mostly my doing. She's the BABY! And the LAST baby! (I got my tubes tied after having her.) I tell everyone if she was our first child, she'd have been our only! LOL! Her nickname is "Gremlin" because she can be quite frightening at times! lol :) She loves Teen Titans Go, Ninja Turtles, and doll babies. She plays soccer and football (no, that's not a typo!).